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What direction is your business heading?

Optimized Solutions

Our mission is to deliver optimized solutions to our business clients. To achieve this result we follow the 3D approach:

Discover Discover:
- Understand what you do, what you do well, and what you would like to improve.
- Review operational processes and procedures.
- Review existing systems, manual and computerized.
- Review IT infrastructure.

Design Design:
- Focus on satisfying identified requirements.
- Systems based on business and industry "best" practices.
- Incorporate latest technologies.
- Independent evaluation of alternatives.

Deliver Deliver:
- Implementation plan with timelines.
- Procedures and process training.
- Data conversion or migration.
- Executive review.
- Measure results.

What causes frustration ?

Frustrations in business are likely caused by systems that are either non-existent or not optimized.  To eliminate these frustrations you need to specifically identify the problems and weaknesses and develop systems that solve or minimize those problems.  For over 20 years, the consultants at Golden West have been assisting companies with identifying system inadequacies and implementing solutions that lead to sustained growth and profitability.  For more information on why you should have optimized systems read the book The E-Myth Revisited. E-Myth Revisited E-Myth Book

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Good Systems = More Productivity
More Productivity = More Profit
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